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Bucks' Athletics

Hoke County High School


Bucks' Athletics

Hoke County High School

Bucks' Athletics

Hoke County High School

Hoke County High School Alumni GO BUCKS!

Hall of Fame.

Section 1: Purpose

            The Purpose of the Hoke County High School Hall of Fame is to recognize, honor, and provide an enduring memorial for excellence in athletics whose contributions have enriched the athletic program and brought honor to the school.  The recognition of past individuals and their significant contributions to Hoke County High School Athletics will serve to provide models for future generations to emulate.

Section 2: Selection Committee

            The selection committee will be composed 7 members appointed by the Hoke High School Athletic Director and Hoke High School Administration.  The selection Committee shall consist of:

  1. Hoke High School Athletic Director.
  2. One media represented. 
  3. One current coach.
  4. Five at large members who lived in the Hoke County community and are past graduates or past coaches with athletic ties.
  5. The committee shall have two members to rotate off each year and a selection of two members will follow.


Section 3: Categories of Inductees:


          Potential eligible inductee shall be nominated from one of a combination of the following categories.

  1. Any Hoke High School graduate who received a varsity letter from Hoke High School athletic department in a sport sponsored by the North Carolina Athletic Association.
  2. Any Hoke High School Varsity Head Coach with a minimum of ten years as Head Coach in a Varsity Sport at Hoke High.
  3.  Any individual who has made significant contributions to the Hoke High School Athletic program.

Section 4: Eligibility Timetable:

            There will be a five year period after a person graduates before he/she can be nominated for the Hall of Fame.  There will be a three year period following a coaches’ last coaching assignment at Hoke High before he/she can be nominated for the Hall of Fame.


Section 5: Nomination Process:

Any resident of the Hoke County School District or graduate of Hoke High who over the age of twenty-five may recommend any eligible individual for consideration as a nominee.  Each nomination should submitted on a nomination form provide by Hoke High.  Upon recommendation to the selection committee, each nominee will be placed on a list and returned to the Athletic Department by October 1st.

Revised: 11/14/2013
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