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Fighting Bucks Athletics

Hoke County High School

Fighting Bucks Athletics

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Posted 2.0 weeks ago @ 12:07PM

Hoke County Athlete Spotlight: Senior OH, MB Faith Mason

PHOTO BY Alexus Vick

Written by: Scott Boucher


Hoke County Athlete Spotlight: Senior OH, MB Faith Mason

Boucher: How long have you participated in volleyball?

Mason: I have played volleyball for 7 years.


Boucher: What got you interested in volleyball? 

Mason: My sisters played volleyball in high school and they convinced me to try it. So I started playing rec volleyball.


Boucher: You play the middle blocker and outside hitter now, what other positions have you played?

Mason: I am very versatile on the court. I can do a little bit of everything.


Boucher: What strengths do you have that make you a great volleyball player? What do you believe to be one of your weaknesses and what are you doing to improve it?

Mason: I am a very agile and versatile player. I am also a humble player. I work hard and stay focused. One of my weaknesses is that I get down after a mistake and I am very hard on myself.


Boucher: Is there a coach or athlete that you look up to as a role model and why?

Mason: A player that I look up to is Yossiana Pressley. She is a very good player at Baylor. She was the National Player of the Year. She plays aggressive and is a good teammate.


Boucher: What advice do you have for younger players coming into the program? 

Mason: Stay focused and work hard for everything, never give up. 


Boucher: How does it make you feel to be selected as a team Captain your senior year?

Mason: It's a lot of responsibility but it is a great accomplishment.


Boucher: Have you met all of your individual and team goals to this point in your career?

Mason: Not yet. We have some more work to do this season, it’s just the beginning.


Boucher: What is your next goal? 

Mason: My next goal is to graduate and be at least top 10 in my class.


Boucher: You are a senior now, what are your future plans, will volleyball be a part of those plans?

Mason: I do plan to play volleyball in college.


Boucher: What do you believe is the greatest challenge most athletes face today?

Mason: The greatest challenge that most athletes face today is mental health. Mental health is important as an athlete. Being happy and healthy on and off the court is important. One’s metal health will affect how they play and whether or not they continue to play.


Boucher: How have you improved since your freshman year?

Mason: I am stronger physically and mentally. I minimized my mistakes. I have more knowledge of the game. I can make better decisions on the court.


Boucher: In what area have your coaches helped you most? 

Mason: My coaches have helped me the most mentally. Teaching me how to move on after I make a mistake and get the next point. I learned to never give up and to leave it all on the court, win or lose.


Boucher: How do you want your teammates to view you? 

Mason: I want my teammates to view me as a leader. As someone who is honest and courageous. Someone who works hard and isn’t afraid to speak up.


Boucher: Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of sports?

Mason: I enjoy cooking sometimes. 


Boucher: What colleges are you looking at for next year? What school would be your dream school? 

Mason: I am looking at NC State, A&T, and Winston-Salem. My dream school is Oregon.


Boucher: What do you plan to study while in college?

Mason: I plan to study Pre-Vet Medicine.


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